Shirley Thompson is a Canadian artist from British Columbia, born in Bralorne a gold mining town but has lived most of her life in the West End of Vancouver. Painting primarily in acrylics and sometimes added mediums, her impressionist style of bold colours and textures really have an impact and her love of nature is truly evident in her work although she doesn't always try to replicate a specific place, a lot is left up to her imagination.

Her ideas, thoughts,travels, and many experiences as well as the paint itself plays an important role in the visual outcome of her work. She also likes leaving some of the work to chance as the finished painting can be much more exciting to view, as well as fun to paint, not predictable,and truly loves the process. She is also a member of the Federation of Canadian Artist, and has a lovely In depth article profiling her life and art journey, as well as 19 full pages of her work.There are so many artists that have influenced her work: Group of Seven, Tom Thompson, Lawren Harris, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Jackson Pollock, and the impressionists, to mention only a few.

Thompson's work can be found in many private and corporate collections worldwide.

Artist Statement:
 Painting goes to the core of one's soul, it never leaves always a constant in your life. You never arrive there's always one more painting having a voice which never existed before you created it. Taking from nature all it has to offer, but never matching it. Enjoying every moment to the fullest.My journey will always be a never ending source of joy and inspiration to me.


Craig Yeats Studio and Gallery


 Art! Vancouver: Shirley Thompson 


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